The Mag-Tool® is a small plastic and magnetic firearm accessory which is considered a tool to allow AR-15 owners in California and other restricted states an easier and alternate way to remove a fixed magazine from a compliant firearm that has a Mag-Lock, Bullet Button or a similar magazine button locking device installed.
Yes, the Mag-Tool® is legal to own, possess and sell. However, a person who has an AR-15 style firearm in California with prohibited features (AKA “Evil Features”) and a Mag-Lock, Bullet Button, or a similar magazine locking device installed should not leave the Mag-Tool® attached on the magazine lock when the firearm is being used or stored. The Mag-Tool® is meant to be used only as a tool to remove a fixed magazine from a compliant firearm and then immediately removed once the magazine has been released. The Mag-Tool® could be left and used as a regular magazine release button if a person travels outside of their restricted state and into another state where assault weapons are legal to own and possess. A person would need to remove the Mag-Tool® from their firearm when they re-enter their restricted state to comply with their state laws. The Mag-Tool® could be used in California as a regular magazine release button on a rim fire firearm (22 caliber conversion kit), or with a featureless AR-15 style firearm which does not have a pistol grip, flash suppressor, vertical fore grip, flare or grenade launcher, collapsible or folding stock, or thumb-hole stock.
You may be in violation of state law and risk of being arrested and prosecuted for possessing of an unregistered assault weapon. This item has not been approved by the Department of Justice to use and the customer assumes all risks resulting in the use or misuse of our products.
If the shooting range is located in one of the restricted states then you should only use the Mag-Tool® to remove a fixed magazine from a compliant firearm and then immediately remove it once the magazine has been released. A Range Master has the right to refuse service at their facility for any reason since most shooting ranges are privately owned.
The three most important sections to learn are Penal Code 30515, which explains the definition of an assault weapon. Penal Code 30600. (a) explains illegal manufacturing of an assault weapon. And Penal Code 30605. (A), explains illegal possession of an assault weapon.
Yes, please contact sales@armagtools.com for more information to become a re-seller or distributor.